About our host families

There’s no “typical” Host Family. Our definition of family focuses on the warm, welcoming environment provided by the individual(s). Most of them are businessmen, teachers or retired soldiers and they all come from different parts of Taiwan. However, they have the same purpose that they hope to build relationships with people who come from all over the world.

The condition of host families is not totally the same. Some of them keep pets at home, but some others don’t. Some of them are vegetarians, while some others eat meat. (In this case, we will match you by the related factors. For instance, we will arrange a vegetarian student in a vegetarian family as best as we can.)

Our host families are all volunteers and they are willing to open up their minds and welcome you into their houses. Besides these two fundamental elements, there’s one more requirement to become a host family. That is a Certificate. Every host family has to complete our comprehensive training program to get a certificate to be qualified as a host family.

(Internatinal student from Burkina Faso with her host fmaily from Pingtung, Taiwan)