What do Host Families Provide

     Host families may provide international students accommodation, with meal or without meal and basic commodities. Details should be discussed with your host family. Transportation costs, additional food and any miscellaneous fees are all at your own expense.

     One of the greatest benefits of living with a host family is sharing unique cultural experiences. The host family is usually very interested in finding out about your country, your culture, your family and lifestyle. They, in their turn are always happy to give you an insight to the local Taiwanese culture, history or daily life. Most are very proud of local cuisine, but it may not be what you’re used to. Don’t worry, just communicate with the family and let them know if you have special dietary needs. Your host family is kind and friendly. They will also enjoy showing you around and visiting things your country may not have.

     Staying with a host family is a great way to emerge yourself in the culture and the language here. Host families would like to assist you in learning the local customs and help you become acquainted with the Taiwanese lifestyle. Besides, host families will provide you with a great opportunity to speak Chinese outside the classroom. Practice more and you will find out that your Chinese speaking improves rapidly. You may even learn some Taiwanese, too!

(International students from Japan and U.S.A. have dinner with their host families in Chinese New Year)