About Online System

Q1How do I enter the online system? 我該如何進入線上系統?

Please click ‘Online System’ on the top-right of our official website page.


Q2How do I sign up for the online system? 我該如何註冊帳號?

After entering the online system, please click ‘Student Account Signup’ to fill out the registration form and do as follows to complete your registration.
Student Account Signup」,您即可進入註冊頁面並填寫個人資料,填寫完成後,請依照下列步驟完成註冊程序。

1. Download the PDF file 下載系統生成的PDF檔

2. Print it out and sign your name 印出PDF檔並簽名

3. Complete the seal part with the help from your school faculty

4. Scan the file and then send it to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 

If you're still abroad, please skip step 3 and send us the admission permit along with the scanned file instead.

Once we receive the scanned file, we will activate your account and you will be able to apply for our activity or create an online matching activity.


Q3Does signing up for the online system equal signing up for the activity? 註冊線上系統是否等同於報名活動呢?

No, signing up for the online system means you are able to join our one-day activity and online matching activity. However, you still need to sign up for the ones you would like to participate in.

Q4It seems that it takes a lot of work to sign up for the online system. 註冊線上系統的程序似乎有點繁瑣

Since we need to verify your identity as a student, we require the confirmation from your school when you first join. However, you only have to go through it once and you will be able to join all the activities and service provided by Taiwan Hostfamily Program during your entire stay in Taiwan as a student.

Q5What should I do if I forget my password? 忘記密碼該怎麼辦呢?

Please click ‘Forgot password’ and verify your identity. Once you are finished, the system will automatically send you an e-mail with a new password attached. Please remember to click ‘My Account’ and change the password after logging in.
請先進到系統首頁,點擊「Forgot password」並完成身分驗證,系統即會發送一組新密碼到您的註冊信箱。提醒您,使用新密碼登入後,請記得到「My Account」重新設定您的密碼喔!


Q6How do I start using online matching? 線上媒合該怎麼進行呢?

Please refer to this page 請點擊連結以參考說明