Create Online Matching Activity 建立線上媒合活動

●Create your online matching activity 境外學生建立線上媒合活動
After signing up through our online system and activating your account, you'll be able to look for a
 host family by using the online matching system.
Once you created an online matching activity, your information will be shown to the host families directly. If host families are available to host you, they can sign up for the activity you created. After that, you can choose one host family you want to be paired with from the sign up list. 


●Sign up for online matching activity 報名媒合活動
Likewise, you can also join online matching activities which are created by host families. Please be reminded that host families also have the rights to choose the students they want to be paired with.

●How to create? 如何建立
Please read the procedure below and click the link at the bottom of the page to start.

Now, click here to start creating your online matching activity!