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How to Apply

In order to provide overseas students an opportunity to experience Taiwanese lifestyle and culture, host families are very happy to welcome overseas students to join their family lives.

You can join us by 2 ways below. Either way you choose, you must create an account on our online system first. The procedure of the registration is below.

(1) Create an account and fill out your personal information. 註冊帳號並填寫個人資料

(2) Print out the registration form and find a faculty in your school to help you complete the seal part. 印出申請表並由學校承辦人協助完成蓋章部分

(3) Scan or photograph the form and send it via email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 掃描或拍照完整表單並email至計畫信箱

(4) After we audit and activate your account, you can sign in and use the 2 functions below. 待帳號審核通過並啟用後,即可登入使用以下2種功能

A. Join Activities 參加單日/半日活動
We hold different kinds of activities at irregular times, and we'll match you with a host family in these activities. If you want to get the latest information of activities, please click "Event" on the top menu. 
If there's no events or you want to receive our latest news, you can leave your information and we'll keep you posted for updates. Please click Here to subscribe. 

B. Online Matching Activity 參加線上媒合活動 

After signing up for our online system, you can create online match activities. Host family can register for the activity created by students, and students can choose which host family to stay with. Besides, students can also register for the online match activity created by our host families, and wait for the final result from them.

To know more about Online Matching Activity, please click here.
有關線上媒合活動,歡迎點此了解更多 。

We truly hope that overseas students may build the long-term relationship with host families through the short-term cultural exchange experience.