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You need to know

Taiwan Hostfamily Program ≠ Homestay
This program is different from the usual systems. Most homestay systems are for profit, so overseas students have to pay for their long-term stays. Thus, some host families will make strict house rules and students must completely adapt to host families’ daily routines.

On the other hand, the Taiwan Hostfamily Program is based on Cultural Exchange and it's completely not for profit. The program is different in that students live in a dormitory weekdays and  spend time with host families during free time away from school and studies, and can share meals, cultures, and quality family time. In this way, students can still have their own private spaces. 

Who can apply?
As long as you are an overseas(international) student who currently studies at an university in Taiwan, you'll be able to join this program. 
Degree, Exchange, Chinese Language, Post-Doctoral, Overseas Chinese students are welcome

Who are the Host Families?

Length of Stay
We currently offer three options below which are suitable for the first application. Once you’ve paired with a host family and would like to have more connection, you can communicate with your host family for further stays without applying again.
1. Friendship Only – One day experience (No overnight stays)
2. Weekend Experience (2-3 days at a time)
3. Short-term Experience (1-2 weeks)

How much does it cost?
Since our host families are all volunteers, there is generally no fee for staying with a host family. However, when you hang out with your host family, please politely ask your host family if there are any fees you need to afford by yourself. Transportation fees, costs of eating out and any personal expenses are all at your own cost.

How to find a host family? 
You can apply for a host family by participating our one-day activities or using our online matching system. Either way you choose, you must create an account on our online system first. 
A. Join Cultural Events
We conduct different kinds of free events, and each student will be matched with a host family during these events to experience the one day cultural events together. 

B. Online Matching Service
You can create your own online matching activities. After host families sign up for the activity created by you, you can choose any host family you want to stay with. Likewise, you can also sign up for the online match activity created by host families, and wait for the final result from them.