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Food culture

Night Market

      Keelung Night Market                       Shihlin Night Market 

Night Market has rapidly grown since 1960 after Taiwan became labor-intensive and small capital oriented of manufacturing industry. The rejected order caused by oil crisis in mid 70’s made night market become the distribution center for inexpensive goods. Nowadays, night market is not only the distribution channel of manufacturing industry, but also the sales network of local market-oriented small manufacturers in Taiwan. 
 Tainan Garden Night Market            Liuho Night Market

The night markets in Taiwan can be divided into “tourism” and “mobile” while the “mobile” is one of the unique cultures in Taiwan. Furthermore, the night markets of Taiwan can be considered to be diversified because we can eat a variety of snacks such as Shawarma, Chai Tea Latte, Takoyaki, etc., which foreign night markets don’t have. 
There are lots of representative night markets in Taiwan. The followings are the ones among residents, tourists, locals, and foreigners. For instance, Keelung Night Market(Renai District, Keelung City), Shilin Night Market (Shihlin District, Taipei City),  Tainan Garden Night Market (North District, Tainan City) and Liuho Night Market (Hsinhsing District, Kaohsiung City).

Traditional Taiwanese Snacks 

Those snacks include oyster omelet, stinky tofu, tempura, pork intestine thin noodlesmeatballs, bloody rice cake, scallion pancakes, beef noodle soup and pearl milk tea are the most popular snacks sold in most of the market. Food items that show a fusion of flavors are often the bestsellers.
Oyster omelet        Stinky tofu          Pork Intestine Thin Noodles 
   Meatballs          Beef Noodle Soup  Pearl Milk Tea

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