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Three main traditional festivals in Taiwan:  

Taiwanese Lunar New Year (農曆新年)  
There are some must-do traditions during the Lunar New Year, everyone has days off till Jan. 5th in Lunar Calendar, so the New Year’s Shopping is fairly important for everyone to restore more food in advance. In the early morning of the New Years Eve, fresh flowers and fruits will be prepared to worship Emperor of the gods in order to thank it for the blessing in the past year, hoping the New Year will be fine and safe. Moreover, Spring Festival Couplets (They are some kind of folk art, which combine literature and calligraphy.) will be stuck on the lintel of the doors. 

After worshiping the gods and ancestors, the entire family will gather together to have dinner, which is so-called “Fireside Chat”. Next, the elders will distribute red envelopes to junior generation for good luck. The last tradition is to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. The whole family will gather and stay up really late. It is said that this will pray for parents’ life span and pray safe for the family. 

Dragon Boat Festival (端午節)

May 5th is Dragon Boat Festival. Around that time, it’s the season that disease begins to become epidemic. Therefore, the festival can be traced back to exorcise evil in order to have physical and mental blessing. It even adds the importance of the festival after having the legend of poet, Qu Yuan. 

The most fascinating activity is dragon boat competition, which will be held in all the main rivers in Taiwan. In addition to vanish diseases and bad luck, you can see calamus and moxa hanging on the door. Also, the painting of Chung Kuel (A deity who supposedly protects man from evil spirits.), adults drink realgar wine, and have children bring sachets, which are for repelling evil spirits and praying for safety. Furthermore, it is said if you can stand an egg at 12:00pm, it will bring you good luck this year. 

Rice dumpling is the representative food on Dragon Boat Festival. Under the delicate cooking from Chinese, it has had lots of variation and can be tasted whenever you want. 

Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節)

Aug. 15 in Lunar Calendar is a fairly important festival in Taiwan, so it is a national holiday. Nowadays, most people still have Moon Cake and pomelo on this day. BBQ is one of the must-do activities on Mid-Autumn Festival, However, is forbidden in the park by government in some cities and counties due to the advocacy of “energy saving and carbon reduction”, “decreasing air pollution and garbage”, and “healthy food”.

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