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There are lots of hotspots in Taiwan. However, it’s unlikely to list them all here. Therefore, I particularly pick some representative ones with brief introduction in northern, central, and southern Taiwan respectively. 

Northern Taiwan

Taipei 101

Launched on Dec. 31st, 2004, Taipei 101 is situated in Sinyi Commercial Quarter, close to Taipei City Government, which is also the World Financial Center. The square measure of Taipei 101 is around 30,278 square meters, which is considered to be the substantial breakthrough of construction history in Taiwan. It also becomes one of the tallest buildings all over the world. 

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum is located in Shihlin District of Taipei, which was finished on Oct. 25th, 1965. The Chinese palace style of architecture holds the most priceless treasure arts. Most of them are from Sung, Yuan, Ming, and Ching Dynasty, which almost cover the entire Chinese history for 5,000 years with over 655,000 pieces of collections.

Central Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is located in Nantou County, which is regarded as the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan. The altitude is around 748 meters with 116 square kilometers. The entire lake has Lalu Island as the boundary. The southern shape is like a moon while the northern shape is like a sun, so it is called “Sun Moon Lake”. 

Southern Taiwan

Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan National Scenic Area was established in 2001, which cover Alishan Forest Amusement Park and villages such as Rueili, Fengshan, and Taiho as well as the Tsou Tribes including Dabang, Shanmei, and Chashan. The average temperature is around 10 Celsius, so the cool weather is the best choice in summer.

Chih Kan Tower 

Chih Kan Tower is located in central Tainan City, which was built by Dutch. So, it was also called “Red Hair Tower” at beginning. So far, Chih Kan Tower is considered to be the first rank historical relic, which is also one of the most representative hotspots in Tainan. It was originally named “Provintia” because it is said the building materials were from overseas. After Cheng-Gong Zheng successfully attacked and occupied Taiwan, it was renamed as “Dongdu Chengtian Prefecture” and regarded it as the highest administrative institution.

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