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About us


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In order to meet our overarching goal of providing a friendly learning environment to international students, this plan’s main objectives are: to set up website for host families of international students, to establish a sustainable national host family system by combining the resources of domestic schools and communities, to construct a good environment for international students to fulfill the purpose of “Know Taiwan, Experience Taiwan,” to continue to add to the number of available host families through recruitment and training as well as help host families expand their own world view while at the same time helping improve the image of the people of Taiwan as a warm and friendly.

1.   Establish a complete website for host families of international students.
2.   Combine the resources of domestic schools at all levels with their communities in order to set up a perfect host family system.
3.   Enhance the recruiting, training and counseling of host families and study-buddies.
4.   Establish a national website for host families.
5.   Deepen the effects of language learning and the cultural experiences international students in Taiwan.
6.   Promote the understanding of Taiwan internationally.
7.    Form an atmosphere of multiculturalism.


 Short (Weekend) Stay

Target Group

International students in colleges and universities (including degree seeking and exchange students)


Free of charge! 
Host family service for weekends and holidays.


Guest stay for international students in colleges or universities will be shorter, since they are independent and busy with classes.  All activities are planned during weekends or on holidays, like Chinese Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, and so on.  Host families will invite the student(s) home or to somewhere else to experience the different customs.

While promoting the home stay program, language will be a major deterrent for host families.  This plan will combine study-buddies and short term home stay to solve this problem.  Study-buddies will act as a bridge to help host families and international students eliminate the language gap between them. This will help the participation of the host family to be more as well as help the international students to adapt better.