2015-12-05~06 Community Cultural Activity & Weekend Experience in Taipei

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To give international students studying in Taiwan an in-depth experience of Taiwan culture and family life, Taiwan HostFamily Program is organizing the

2015 Community Cultural Activity & Weekend Experience in Taipei"

This is a two-days activity. We would like to invite international students of universities and colleges across the country to northern Taiwan for an overnight stay with host families to experience family life and local culture in Taiwan.

1. Date: December 5th, 2015~ December 6th, 2015

2. Participant:
 (1) Host families
 (2) International students currently attending a university/ institution in Taiwan
*Free for all international students and host families
3. Meeting point: Taipei Railway Station East Gate 3 (臺北火車站東三門) 

4. Register:
Please click here to register online. 
(1) After completing online registration process, print out the registration form and complete the paper form, including the seals of school organizing personnel and unit division. 
(2)Scan or photograph the form then send via email to hostfamily@mail.stust.edu.tw before Nov. 26th, 2015 to complete the application procedure.
8. Deadline: November 26th, 2015
9.  Contact Information:
Taiwan Hostfamily Program (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Rita Cheng
Tel: 06-2533131 #1603
E-mail: hostfamily@mail.stust.edu.tw
10. Notes: 
(1) Please bring your water bottle, rain gear and sun care products.
(2) Remember to wear comfortable, casual clothes and shoes.

發布日期: 2015/10/30
發布人員: 鄭嫣栴