2021-11-06 (Sat.) Cultural Activity in Kaohsiung

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2021 Cultural Activity in Kaohsiung


In order to give overseas students opportunities to experience more about local culture. Taiwan Hostfamily Program organizes “DIY Piece of Grilled Mullet Roe and Paper Carving of Mullet Roe”. We welcome overseas students and host families to get to know each other and to learn about local culture during Cultural Activity in Kaohsiung.

1.   Participants 活動對象:
 Overseas students who currently study in Taiwan & host families


2.    Date 活動日期: 6 November, 2021 (Sat.)

3.    Meeting Point 集合地點: Kaohsiung Station高雄火車站

4.    Gathering Time 集合時間: 13:00 - 13:20 (下午1點至下午120)

5.    Registration 報名方式:
Register online 線上報名 Click Here 

  If you haven't had an account, please create an account first.   The registration procedure is below.

 (1) Sign up your online system account.

 (2) Please click the link above again to sign up for the activit.待您登入系統帳號後,請再次點擊上面報名連結

 (3) Fill out the 
Health Care Survey.

B. Paper Form 快速報名 Click Here 按此報名

 (1) Fill out the online application form.填寫線上報名表單。

 ※You don't have to print it out or complete the seal part.您無需印出報名表單,也無需完成蓋章的部分。

 (2) Scan or photograph your ARC to 

 (3) Fill out the 
Health Care Survey.

6.    Registration Deadline 報名截止日期: 24 October, 2021 (Sun.)

7.    Contact Information 聯絡資訊:

 黃品舜 Mario  Tel: 06-2533131 #1603   E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw

8.    Notes 備註

(1)  All students and host families are required to fill out the health care survey to complete the registration. Completing the registration process doesn’t guarantee your attendance. The final result will be sent to your email before October 28.


(2)  Masks to be worn at all times, don’t take it off throughout the activity.


(3)  We will match overseas students with a host family in the activity. Unexpected absence and being late is not allowed. Please be responsible for your registration.



8. Itinerary 活動議程:

Time 時間

Activities 活動


Gathering at Kaohsiung Station 高雄火車站集合


Meet and Greet 相見歡


Head for Zhenfang Mullet Roe Learning Factory

Zhen fang mullet roe is a mullet roe factory with 50 years of professional experience.
The first sales store of the first-generation operator was a small shop in Yancheng Market.
It is trusted by customers for its production technology and quality.
To establish a good reputation and a stable source of customers.


Tour of Mullet Roe 烏魚子導覽及介紹
In order to let people know about Zhenfang mullet roe,
the "Zhenfang mullet roe learning factory" was established to take the mullet roe industry to another level of culture,
combining food and cultural, creative tourism, and allowing tourists to come.
Here you can experience the five senses, "seeing, hearing, touching, eating, smelling mullet roe".
Hope that in the leisure travel experience, it can combine food, playing, play and learning.
Take you into the time tunnel of mullet, explore the history of Wujin together,
and learn about Kaohsiung's unique mullet roe cultural industry.


1. DIY Piece of Grilled Mullet Roe
2. DIY Paper Carving of Mullet Roe

1. 手作火烤烏魚子
2. 烏魚紙雕


Group Photo 大合照

16:00-16:30Tea time 茶敘
16:30Back to Kaohsiung Station 賦歸-返回高雄火車站


Ministry of Education (R.O.C)

Organizer: Taiwan Hostfamily Program

                   (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
發布日期: 2021/10/06
發布人員: 黃品舜