<Postponed to 2021-10-31>International Cultural Experience Activity in Taipei (Halloween Party) 異國文化體驗活動在台北

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International Cultural Experience Activity in Taipei (Halloween Party)

異國文化體驗活動在台北 (萬聖派對)

In order to give overseas students opportunities to experience different cultures, Taiwan Hostfamily Program invites all overseas students to join the International Cultural Experience Activity in Taipei. Combined with Halloween, we sincerely invite you to wear your Halloween costumes and bring your favorite snacks to join this Halloween Party! This is a one day activity and we'll match you with a host family during the event. (No Overnight stay.)

Date活動日期: October 30th (Sat.), 2021 Postponed to October 31st (Sun.)

Venue活動地點: 77 O.M.G Space 6F, Taipei (6F., No. 77, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei)

Time活動時間: 14:15-16:00

(1)Host families  (2)Overseas students who currently study at universities in Taiwan

Fee活動費用Free! 完全免費

 October 17th , 2021 Extend to October 24th (Sun.)

Sign up
You can sign up via A or B, you don't have to do both. Remember to fill out the Health Care Survey to complete the whole registration. 

 >>Health Care Survey 健康調查問卷

A. Register online 線上報名 Sign up 按此報名
(1) Log in. 登入

(2) Fill in your personal information. Done 填入資料即完成
If you haven't had an account, please create an account first. Please refer to the link for the registration procedure. 

B. Quick Sign up
 快速報名  Sign up 按此報名 
Fill out the online application form. You don't have to print it out or complete the seal part. 
(2) Scan or photograph your ARC and email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw.

Watch Online 線上觀看 Sign up按此報名

Notes 備註:
 If you can’t join the physical event, you can choose to watch online. We won’t match you with a host family if you choose “watch online”, but you still can talk with other audience in the meeting room.

2.  The application result will be emailed to you by October 27.

3. Due to the COVID-19 prevention policy, temperature check and mask wearing are both required. If the government raise the COVID alert to Level 3 before October 30, we reserve the rights to turn it into an online event.

4. All cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the event date. Unexpected absence is not allowed. Please be responsible for your registration once confirming your attendance.

Contact Information
田覲瑄 小姐 Julie Tien
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