2021-10-03 (Sun.) Meetup Party in Southern Taiwan-Kaohsiung

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In order to give all overseas students an opportunity to have more understanding of Taiwanese culture, Taiwan Hostfamily Program invites overseas students in Southern Taiwan to join the meetup party on October 03(Sun). In the event, we will match you with a host family and you can get to know each other during event.

<Date /日期>: October 03, 2021 (Sun.)

<Venue /地點>: JIU CHEN NAN HAN PASTRY HOUSE /舊振南漢餅文化館
<Session /場次>: Each person can only sign up for one Session.

Session One /場次一


Session Two/場次二


Session Three /場次三


<Transportation /交通資訊>:
Address /地址:
No. 298, Jiexi Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City/高雄市大寮區捷西路298
By MRT /高雄捷運:
◇ Get off at the MRT Orange Line's Daliao Station (OT1).
         ◇ Take Exit 1 and Turn right at the intersection of Jiexi Road.
◇ Continue walking and you will arrive at Venue in 5 minutes.
         ◇ 高雄捷運「橘線大寮站 ( OT1 ) 」下車,自1號出口步行至捷西路口,

<Participants /活動對象>: Overseas students who currently study in Taiwan & host families (Free to sign up!!!) /已培訓接待家庭及大專校院境外學生免費參加

<Deadline報名截止日期>: September 21, 2021 (Tue.) Extend to September 26, 2021 (Sun.)

<Sign up online 線上報名>: 2 ways for signing up /2種報名方式
You can sign up with method A or method B, you don't have to do both.
  Remember to fill out the Health Care Survey to complete the whole registration.

A. Register online 線上報名 → Click Here
(1) Log in. 登入。

    (2) Fill in your personal information. Done 填入資料即完成。

         ※If you haven't had an account, please create an account first.
             Please refer to the link for the registration procedure. → Click here

B. Quick Sign up 快速報名 → Click Here
    (1) Fill out the online application form.
         You don't have to print it out or complete the seal part.
(2) Scan or photograph your ARC and Email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw.


1.     All students and host families are required to fill out the health care survey to complete the registration.

2.     Completing the registration process doesn’t guarantee your attendance. The final result will be sent to your email before September 24 (Fri.)

3.     Each person can only sign up for one Session.

4.     We will match you with a host family in the activity. Unexpected absence is not allowed. Please be responsible for your registration.

5.     Due to the COVID-19 prevention policy, we will conduct temperature checking. Moreover, please wearing the mask all the time unless drinking water.

Contact Information聯絡方式

     Taiwan Hostfamily Program

     Julie Tien  田覲瑄


     E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw

發布日期: 2021/09/08
發布人員: 田覲瑄