2021-07-09 (Fri.) Online Meetup Party

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In order to give all overseas students an opportunity to meet up with host families and new friends during the epidemic prevention period, Taiwan Hostfamily Program invites overseas students to join the “Online Meetup Party” on June 25.

※In the event, you'll make new friends, split into teams, and play games together! The team who gets the highest score will receive a 7-11 gift card!  Don't miss out!

<Date日期>: July 09, 2021 (Fri.)

<Time時間>: 14:00-15:00

<Participants活動對象>: Overseas students who currently study in Taiwan & host families (Free to sign up!!!)

<Deadline報名截止日期>: July 04, 2021 (Sun.) Extend to July 07, 2021 (Wed.)

< Sign up online 線上報名> Sign up 按此報名

(1) Log in. 登入

(2) Fill in your personal information. 填入資料即完成

If you haven't had an account, please create an account first. Please refer to the link for the registration procedure. 

<Condition of participation參加條件>

(1)  Due to this event will be conducted via video meeting, it is necessary to use smartphones, computers (with camera and microphone) or laptops to join the event.

(2)  Basic English speaking skill is necessary.


(1) We will send you the final result before July 08th.
 我們將在 7 月 8日之前將錄取結果發送給您。

(2) In this event, we’ll play the games. The winner will receive a 7-11 gift card(NT100).
在本次活動中,我們將會進行遊戲。 贏家將會獲得7-11禮品卡(NT100)一張。

(3) Except for the winners, the rest of the participants will have another chance to win the 7-11 gift card. We’ll hold a lucky draw at the end of the event. Be sure to hold on till the end!
除贏家外,其餘參賽者還有機會可以抽獎獲得7-11禮品卡。 我們將在活動結束時舉行幸運抽獎。 一定要參加到最後!

(4) Please make sure your equipment able to join the online meeting. We Suggest using laptops or smartphones. 
請確保您的設備可以參加視訊。 我們建議使用筆記本電腦或智慧型手機。

(5)Participants who join this event must show their faces (must take off the masks). Please ensure that you have maintained a social distance with other people in the same room before the event starts.

<Contact Information聯絡方式>

     Taiwan Hostfamily Program

     Julie Tien  田覲瑄


     E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw

發布日期: 2021/06/25
發布人員: 田覲瑄