2019-10-26 (Sat.) Taiwanese Pastry Making Class in Tainan - Pineapple Cake

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◆ Location活動地點:Tainan臺南

◆ Date活動時間:October 26, 2019 (Sat.)

◆ Participant活動對象:
Host families接待家庭 
International students who currently study in Taiwan全國大專院校境外學生

◆ Fee活動費用:Free! Participants have to afford the transportation cost to the meeting point. 

◆ Meeting Point集合地點:
Tainan Cultural & Creative Park台南文化創意產業園區
(5 minutes’walk from the Tainan Train Station.)

◆ Sign-up報名方式:
You can sign up with method A or method B, you don't have to do both.

A: Quick Sign Up快速報名 No vacancy 報名額滿
(1) Fill out the online application form and print out the form. Remember to sign your name on it. You don't have to complete the seal part.
(2) Scan or photograph the signed registration form and your student ID card.
(3) Email the 2 documents as mentioned above to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 
 hostfamily@stust.edu.tw )即完成報名。

B: Online system線上報名 No vacancy 報名額滿
(1) If you've already registered, you can sign up directly after you log in. For those who haven't registered, please register for our online system first, then print out the registration form and complete the seal part. 
(2) Scan or photograph the form then send it via email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 
(3) After we activate your account, please click the link above again to sign up for the event. 

◆ Deadline of Registration報名截止日期:No vacancy 報名額滿

◆ Contact Information聯絡資訊:
Taiwan Hostfamily Program (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
黃思毓Lorean Huang Tel: 06-2533131 #1603 E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw

◆ Notes注意事項:
The final result depends on whether you are matched with a host family or not and will be sent to your email before Oct. 18, 2019. Please wait patiently.

We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. 

◆ Agenda活動流程:

Time 時間

Content 內容


Gathering at Tainan Cultural & Creative Park南文化創意產業園區集合


Leave for the venue 前往活動地點


Meet & Greet with Your Host Family與接待家庭相見歡

Pineapple Cake DIY & Guide Tour幸福鳳梨酥手作體驗&場館導覽


Leave for Tainan Cultural & Creative Park返回臺南文化創意產業園區

發布日期: 2019/10/01
發布人員: 黃思毓