2019-03-23 Cultural Activity in Tainan(Deadline is extended to Mar.15)

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In order to give international students opportunities to learn more about the culture of Taiwan and become acquainted with Taiwanese lifestyle. We welcome you to join

2019 Cultural Activity in Tainan on Mar. 23 

 ◆ Date 日期
 : Mar. 23, 2019

Meeting point 集合地點
 : Tainan Cultural & Creative Park台南文化創意產業園區

Gathering time 集合時間
 : 10:00 AM 
Participants 參加對象
    (1) Host families 接待家庭
    (2) International students who currently study in Taiwan 在臺灣就讀大學的國際學生

*We will match you with a host family in this activity. 
*It's an one-day-activity and there's no stay in host family's house. 

 ◆ Fee 費用 : Free for all participants. 免費參與 
(Participants are responsible for the transportation to the meeting point. 參加者必須自行前往集合地點) 

 ◆ Sign up 報名 : 

(1)For students who already signed up for our online system.
Click here and register online.
(No need to submit anything!)

(2)For students who haven't signed up for our online system yet.
-Please sign up for our online system first.
-After signing up, please download the registration form and then complete the seal part with the help of your school faculty.
-Please scan your registration form and send it to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw. We will activate your account once we receive it.
-After receiving the notification from us, you can Click here to register for the activity.
 ◆ Deadline 報名截止日期 : Mar. 6, 2019

 ◆ Contact Information 聯絡資訊

    黃思毓 Lorean Huang

    Tel: 06-2533131 #1603        E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw

 ◆ Notes 備註 : 

(1) Please bring your water bottle, rain gear, hat and sun care products.
(2) Remember to wear comfortable, casual clothes and shoes.
(3) The final result depends on whether you are matched to a host family or not and will be sent to your email before Mar. 12, 2019. Please wait patiently.
(4) We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

 ◆ Agenda 活動內容: 

Time 時間

Content 內容


Gathering at Tainan Cultural & Creative Park 台南文化創意產業園區集合


Meet & Greet 相見歡


Leave for the venue 前往活動地點

11:30-12:00Cultural ActivityCulture Experience文化體驗


Lunch 午餐


Cultural ActivityCulture Experience文化體驗
We invite host families and international students to visit the Jhupu community in Tainan City with us. In the morning, we will go to Happy Farm for the marble goby aquaculture tour and Feng Shui energy field experience. In the afternoon, we will walk in Jhupu community to enjoy the centuries-old houses and pigeon exhibition match and then visit Liuying dairy farm industry.


Feedback Sharing 心得交流分享


Leave for Tainan Cultural & Creative Park台南文化創意產業園區

*Sponsor 主辦機關:
Ministry of Education 教育部

*Organizer 承辦單位Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology 南臺科技大學

*Co-organizer 協辦單位Office of English as the Second Official Language, Tainan City 臺南市政府第二官方語言辦公室
發布日期: 2019/02/13
發布人員: 黃思毓