2019-3-30 Meet your host family in Central Taiwan (Deadline extended to 3/24)

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1. Event Description:

In order to give all international students studying in Taiwan an opportunity to have more understanding of Taiwanese culture, Taiwan Hostfamily Program invites international students in Central Taiwan to join the, “2019 Taiwan Host Family Tea party”, on March 30th(Sat.). 

2. Date:  March 30th, 2019

3. Meeting Point: 台中市交通局 Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government
(台中市西區民權路101)(No.101, Minquan Rd., West Dist., Taichung)
15-minute walking distance from Taichung Railway Station (map is attached)

4. Sign up: Two ways for signing up  
A. R
egister online. click here
(1)  Please register for our online system first, then print out the registration form and complete the seal part. If you've already registered, you can sign up directly after you log in. 
(2)   Scan or photograph the form then send it via email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 
(3)   After we activate your account, please click the link above again to sign up for the event. 

B. Paper form 
(1)  Please Click here to fill out the online application form first, print it out and find a school faculty to help you complete the seal part.
(2)   Scan or photograph the form then send it via email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw 

5.     Deadline: 

March 24, 2019

6.     Contact Information:

Taiwan Hostfamily Program (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

Gianna Hsu (Hsu, Yu-Ping)

Tel: 06-2533131 #1603 

E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw


Meet us at 台中市交通局Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government 


Meet & Greet


Group photo


Tea time

發布日期: 2019/03/01
發布人員: 許郁屏