2017-11-25 "Let's go on a picnic!" Family Picnic Day in Tainan

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Autum is coming! Do you want to go on a picnic with your hostfamily?

To give all international students studying in Taiwan to enhance the relationships with host families, you are invited to spend time outdoors in an open grassy area, enjoying fun games and delicious foods at Smile Hoo Outdoor Café in Tainan!

Let’s enjoy the fresh air, the sunlight, the light breeze, and an outdoor feast with your host family!

lDate: November 25 (Sat.), 2017

l  Location: Smile Hoo Outdoor Café (臺南市微笑虎山藝文咖啡館)

l  Meeting Point: Tainan Train Station, Front Exit(臺南火車站前站)

l  Participant:

(1) Host Family  (2) International students currently study in Taiwanese universities

l Fee: Free! But the transportation from your living place to the meeting point is your responsibility.

● Sign up: Please click here to sign up online. 

(1) After completing online registration process, print out the registration form and complete the paper form, including the seals of school organizing personnel and unit division. 完成線上報名表單後,請印出報名表格並完成報名表下方由學校承辦人或學校單位的蓋章 

(2) Scan or photograph the paper form then send via email to hostfamily@stust.edu.tw before November 20, 2017 to complete the application procedure. 掃描或拍照完整的表格並於11/20報名截止前email至計畫信箱 

(3) The application result depends on whether to match with a host family or not, please wait for notification. We will send you the application result before November 22nd. 活動報名結果將預計於11/22前寄發活動結果至您的電子信箱,請屆時至電子信箱確認信件。

● Deadline: November 20th, 2017(Mon.)


Content of Activity


Gathering at Tainan Train Station, Front Exit


Leave for Smile Hoo Outdoor Café


Meet and greet


Icebreaking Games& Outdoor feast


Group Photo


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