2017-10-21 New Immigrant Culture Day in Taipei(Deadline is extended to 10/16)

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In order to give international students opportunities to learn more about the culture of Taiwan and become acquainted with Taiwanese lifestyle. We welcome you to join 2017 New Immigrant Culture Day in Taipei on Oct. 21st.

Have a host family in Taiwan and get an insight into Taiwanese lifestyle!
Do you know how to make facial mask by rubbing fragrant wood?
Have you ever seen traditional dance from Thailand and Indonesia with Taiwanese songs?
Come and join us!!

1. Date: Oct. 21th, 2017(Sat.) 
2. Sponsor: Ministry of Education
3. Organizer: Taiwan Hostfamily Program
4. Participant:
    (1) Host families
    (2) International students who currently study in Taiwan
    *Free for all participant. 
(You have to afford your transportation fees to the meeting point.)
5. Location:
 Innovation Incubation Center, National Chengchi University (國立政治大學
研究暨創新育成總中心)No.64, Sec. 2, Zhinan Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
6. Register: Please click here to register online.    

7. Registration Deadline: Oct. 10th, 2017(Tue.) Deadline is extended to Oct. 16th, 2017(Mon.)
8. Contact Information:

Taiwan Hostfamily Program (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)   簡毓芸 Sharon Chien

Tel: 06-2533131 #1603 

E-mail: hostfamily@stust.edu.tw

9. Notes: 
(1) Please bring your water bottle, rain gear and sun care products.

        (2) Remember to wear comfortable, casual clothes and shoes.
. Itinerary:


Content of Activity


Gathering at  Innovation Incubation Center, National Chengchi University(國立政治大學研究暨創新育成總中心)

Free shuttle bus service is available from 11:00-11:40 at MRT-Muzha Station.(台北捷運文湖線-木柵站)


First time to meet your host family


Lunch with your host family


We invite new immigrant families who live in Taiwan for several years to introduce the new immigrant culture and have DIY activities(dancing traditional dance with new immigrants from Indonesia and Thailand, making facial mask by rubbing fragrant wood) to learn more about the multicultural society in Taiwan.


Share your one day activity experience with your host family


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Ministry of Education(R.O.C)/Organizer: Taiwan Hostfamily Program

Co-organizer: Taiwan Yueh-Yi Association (臺灣越藝協會

發布日期: 2017/09/20
發布人員: 簡毓芸