Monthly Application - April, 2017

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Monthly Application

Students can choose any host families you would like to stay with and sign up for it.


Register Process
(1) After completing online registration process, print out the application form and find a faculty in your school to help you complete the seal part at the bottom.

(2) Scan or photograph the paper form then send via email to before March 21, 2017 to complete the application procedure.

(1) Students have to afford the transportation cost to the meeting point. Host family only provides your accommodation and meals at home. In some situations, if it is necessary, you have to afford your own expenses.

(2) Once you are matched, you are not allowed to cancel the registration.

(3) The final result depends on whether you are matched to a host family or not and will be sent to your email before 3/25. Please wait patiently.



2017.4.1-2017.4.23 (Weekends Only) 
Applicant: Mr. Fan / Male / 47 yrs
Family Status: Wife(47 yrs)Son(17 yrs)
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Applicant: Ms. Lin / Female / 25 yrs
Family Status: Father(53 yrs)Mother(53 yrs)、Sister(23 yrs)、Brother(15 yrs)
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2017.4.4-2017.6.12 (Students can choose the particular date during the period )
Applicant: Ms. Kao / Female / 52 yrs (With 3 cats)
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Applicant: Ms. Wang / Female / 26 yrs
Family Status: Father(55 yrs)Mother(51 yrs)Brother(22 yrs)
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Applicant: Mrs. Kao / Female / 35 yrs
Family Status: Husband(36 yrs)Son(6 yrs)Daughter(4 yrs)
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2017.4.9 (One-day experience. No overnight stay)
Applicant: Mr. Lee / Male / 50 yrs

Family Status: Wife(41 yrs)、Son(17 yrs)
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Applicant: Mr. Peng / Male / 47 yrs
Family Status: Wife(47 yrs)2 Daughters1 Son
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Applicant: Mrs. Liu / Female / 40 yrs
Family Status: Husband(40 yrs)Daughter(10 yrs)Son(9 yrs)
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Applicant: Mr. Lu / Male / 34 yrs
Family Status: Father(69 yrs)Mother(68 yrs)Brother(41 yrs)
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2017.4.2 & 2017.4.4 (One-day experience. No overnight stay. Can host 2 students.)
Applicant: Mrs. Lai / Female / 41 yrs
Family Status: Hsuband(40 yrs)Daughter(13 yrs)
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2017.4.1-2017.4.30 (Students can choose the particular date during the period.)
Applicant: Mr. Lin / Male / 46 yrs
Family Status: Wife(46 yrs)Daughter(18 yrs)2 Sons(1014 yrs)
(With a dog)
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2017.4.7-2017.4.30 (Weekends only)
Applicant: Mr. Lao / Male / 56 yrs
Family Status: Father-in-law(89 yrs)Wife(54 yrs)Son(10 yrs)Housemaid(32 years)
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Applicant: Mr. Hu / Male / 41 yrs
Family Status: Mother(60 yrs)
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2017.4.1-2017.4.30 (Weekends only. 2 rooms for 2 students )
Applicant: Mr. Sun / Male / 37 yrs
Family Status: Wife(32 yrs)2 Daughters(14 yrs)
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